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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you change your password?

A. Go into the Settings menu found along the top then choose "Change Password" along the left.


Q. How do you reset a forgotten password?

A. On the logon screen there is a link to reset your password, it appears just below the username and password fields.  If you are unable to use this form to reset your password please contact us.


Q. I am unable to self-register

A. To self-register you must be able to correctly enter the birth date, legal first name, and email address associated with your account.  The email address must already be on file with us, if you have not previously provided us with an email address you must do so before you may self register with the MyDentalChart portal.


Q. How can I pay online?

A. Look up your patient Chart number in the Statements area of MyDentalChart.  If you do not see any statements in your account yet, please wait to recieve a bill.  Once you know your Chart number click on the Pay Bill option in the menu.  Your patient Chart number is used in the Account Number field of our Online payment page.