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Welcome to the College of Dentistry
My Dental Portal Website

Get access to your important health information.

An account with My Dental Portal lets you:

  • Update us about changes to your health by updating your Health History form
  • Digitally sign required consent forms
  • Verify & update addresses and phone numbers
  • Decide how you want to receive appointment reminders (email, text, phone call)
  • Opt into online billing rather than receiving bills in the mail
  • View upcoming and past appointments
  • Look at your current and past bills


Important Information

  • When registering, use your LEGAL name, not preferred or nickname(s).
  • Your username will be assigned to you during the registration process.
  • The username is case sensitive: Please pay attention to upper/lower case you enter for your username.
  • You will choose a password (also case sensitive) and some security questions during the registration process.
  • Questions/issues with registering? See FAQ tab.

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